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About us

ConservationTools.org and its content is provided by WeConservePA (formerly the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association), which launched the website in 2009. WeConservePA thanks its financial supporters and partners, for making ConservationTools.org possible.

Who is WeConservePA?

More than 70 of Pennsylvania's most active conservation organizations count themselves as dues-paying members of WeConservePA. These organizations elect the Board and set WeConservePA's purposes. The organizations in turn count 100,000 Pennsylvanians as members and contributors.

WeConservePA was created by land trust volunteers and staff who recognized the need for an association that can focus on the broad needs of the conservation movement—to take on activities that no one organization could effectively handle or wish to handle on its own. WeConservePA is a nonprofit organization registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations.

WeConservePA's Vision

WeConservePA envisions a Pennsylvania where people know that their treasured green places will endure. We envision a Commonwealth where the lands that guarantee our water quality are safeguarded; where outdoor recreation opportunities abound; where our productive farmlands and forests are conserved, securing our food and wood supplies; and where natural areas are protected. We envision future generations enjoying the beauty, the water, the productive lands and wildlife we enjoy today.

WeConservePA's Mission

WeConservePA seeks to protect Pennsylvania's special places—the farms, forests, parks and other green spaces that people love—the places that help to ensure healthy, prosperous and secure communities. To increase the pace and improve the quality of land conservation work, WeConservePA helps land trusts and other conservation practitioners improve their effectiveness, builds public understanding, and advocates for better governmental policy.

WeConservePA's Goals

Directors, Officers and Staff

Visit WeConservePA.org for a list of WeConservePA's directors, Policy Council members and staff.