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About us

The WeConservePA Library and its content is provided by WeConservePA (formerly the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association), which launched the website in 2009. WeConservePA thanks its financial supporters and partners, for making the WeConservePA Library possible.

Who is WeConservePA?

More than seventy dues-paying, voting conservation organizations elect the WeConservePA board of directors and set WeConservePA’s purposes. Hundreds of individuals associated with these organizations and other supporters contribute their time, energy, and money to WeConservePA. Coming together around common interests and joined by WeConservePA staff, these professionals, volunteers, and supporters constitute the WeConservePA community.

WeConservePA is a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations and holding 501(c)3 tax status with the IRS.

WeConservePA's Vision

All Pennsylvanians will benefit from well-stewarded, thriving open spaces: the forests, farms, parks, urban gardens, greenways, and other open lands that safeguard our drinking water and reduce flooding; provide food and timber; offer hunting, fishing, nature watching, and other recreational opportunities; preserve scenic beauty; and deliver myriad other benefits. All will have the opportunity to be a part of prosperous communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

WeConservePA's Mission

WeConservePA helps people care for, wisely use, and enjoy what nature offers. We help organizations and individuals to effectively and efficiently conserve land, protect and restore waterways, implement sustainable practices, and connect people to the outdoors. We foster understanding of conservation and advocate for pro-conservation governmental policy to promote a high quality of life for all.

WeConservePA's Goals

Directors, Officers and Staff

Visit WeConservePA.org for a list of WeConservePA's directors, Policy Council members and staff.