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Larry Knutson

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Larry Knutson
(717) 486-4455
9 Dogwood Drive
Newville, PA

Services Provided

Penn Trails is involved in all stages of natural surface trail planning, design and construction for a variety of trail types and classes, with our specialty being hiking and universally accessible trails, as well as equestrian trails. We provide natural surface Trails Assessments (both TRACS & UTAP), Trails Planning & Design, Construction, Project Management & Project Consulting. We also offer a variety of Trails Education programs including trail crew training, risk assessment and operations safety, wilderness first aid certification, and other programs for public land agencies and private land owners in the eastern U.S.

Trail Construction & Design


Larry Knutson is President of Penn Trails. His orientation to universally accessible, sustainable, natural surface trails has been acquired as a contractor in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of such trails, as well as, professional education and certifications including with the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. He is coauthor of the 2014 Universal Access Trails: Design, Management, Ethical, and Legal Considerations, for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. Penn Trails a member of the Professional Trail Builders Association, executing trail planning, design and construction management projects throughout Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic states. Knutson teaches a variety of trail classes and workshops for PA Land Trust, PA Recreational & Parks Society, DCNR, Penn State, the US Forest Service, counties and municipalities. He is serving his second 3 year term on PA DCNR’s State Trails Advisory Board. A recipient of the American Hiking Society’s 2003 Volunteer of the Year award for his trail work in Pennsylvania, he is also a former Appalachian Trail overseer and Pennsylvania DCNR Park Ranger.

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Guide Listings

Trails for All People
Larry is coauthor of the Universal Trail Accessibility guide and has extensive experience in the development of universally accessible trails.

Library Items Authored

Trails for All People: Guidance for Accessibility and Inclusive Design
How can trail groups, local governments, and land trusts responsibly plan, develop, and operate trails that are accessible by all people, including those with limited mobility? What are best manage...