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Bird Research and Conservation

Initiatives in Pennsylvania and on a national level promote the study of bird populations and the protection of their habitat.

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Feb 27, 2018
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Environmental Advisory Council

A Versatile Arm for Pennsylvania Local Government

Any municipality in Pennsylvania may establish an environmental advisory council to tap the skills and volunteer energy of its citizens. Consisting of three to seven members appointed by the local government, an EAC can undertake a variety of conservation projects. It can also research issues and advise local government officials to help inform decision-making regarding the environment.

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Oct 30, 2020
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Nature Play

Nurturing Children and Strengthening Conservation through Connections to the Land

Unstructured, frequent childhood play in informal outdoor settings powerfully boosts the cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional development of children. It also engenders deep conservation values—more so than any other factor. Part 1 of this guide explores the essential characteristics of nature play, the benefits nature play provides and the societal barriers to it. Part 2 describes the array of concrete actions that organizations may take to restore nature play to children’s lives.

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What is Conservation?

In brief, WeConservePA uses the word conservation to mean the act of caring for and wisely using land to ensure that the land’s natural resources can continue to benefit people and wildlife over time, and, where the land is degraded, restoring its capacity to deliver these benefits.  

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