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New Hampshire Conservation Attitude Survey Highlights Report

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center, on behalf of The Nature Conservancy and the Trust for Public Land, conducted a survey about attitudes towards conservation funding and conservation issues in New Hampshire. The major findings of this survey include: New Hampshire voters almost unanimously support investing in land conservation efforts. More than three quarters of New Hampshire voters think the State of New Hampshire should spend public funds for land conservation.

Survey Highlights:

  • 97% of surveyed New Hampshire voters, regardless of party affiliation, agree that “we must invest in land conservation to protect New Hampshire's quality of life for future generations."
  • 95% of those surveyed agree that "protecting land, water, and wildlife in New Hampshire is critical to our tourist industry and helps create jobs."
  • 23% of those surveyd agree that "the legislature has to make hard choices in these tough times, and we just can't afford land conservation right now."
  • 81% of those surveyed agree that there should be state funding for land conservation efforts.