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Act 109 of 2010 (amends Clean & Green)

Organizations/Sources: Pennsylvania General Assembly
Act 109 of 2010 (HB 1394) allows landowners who participate in Pennsylvania's Clean and Green program to use their land for commercial wind production where more than half of the produced energy is sold and used off of the tract of land. The portions of the land used for wind production are subject to rollback taxes.
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Apr 30, 2013
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Environmental Advisory Council: A Versatile Arm for Pennsylvania Local Government

Any municipality in Pennsylvania may establish an environmental advisory council to tap the skills and volunteer energy of its citizens. Consisting of three to seven members appointed by the local government, an EAC can undertake a variety of conservation projects. It can also research issues and advise local government officials to help inform decision-making regarding the environment.
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Oct 30, 2020
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Planning for the Future: A Handbook on Community Visioning, 3rd Edition

Organizations/Sources: Center for Rural Pennsylvania
The purpose of this handbook is to help communities like yours begin thinking and planning for the future. It is not, however, a cookbook on community visioning. Every community in Pennsylvania is unique, so it must develop its own vision and plan for the future. On the other hand, many of the same principles and activities that are included in the process may be useful to many communities. To help communities find that common ground and allow them the freedom to decide what their plans might include, the Center for Rural Pennsylvania designed this handbook to focus on the process of visioning, not the outcome.
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Transportation Impact Fees: A Handbook for Pennsylvania Municipalities

This publication provides comprehensive guidance for municipalities on establishing transportation impact fees per Act 209 of 1990.
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