PA State-Level Plans

2009-2013 Pennsylvania Outdoor Recreation Plan

Every five years, Pennsylvania produces a State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) in order to remain eligible to receive federal Land and Water Conservation Funds (LWCF). The plan is designed to direct the use of LWCF funds that may come to the state. The required elements of the plan include a statewide assessment of outdoor recreation needs and supplies, an action plan for future steps to help enhance outdoor recreation, an update on the status of the state’s, wetland resources, and extensive opportunity for public participation.
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Pennsylvania Greenways: An Action Plan for Creating Communities

This publication is designed to provide a coordinated and strategic approach to creating connections through the establishment of greenways in the Keystone State. Thanks to their appreciation for Pennsylvania’s unparalleled natural, historic, and cultural assets, our residents and communities have for many years pursued a wide range of projects in conservation, outdoor recreation, heritage preservation and the promotion of tourism. Greenways are a new and powerful way to build on Pennsylvania’s commitment to these pursuits.
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Pennsylvania’s Recreation Plan 2004–2008: Executive Summary

This plan was created to devise a plan to improve outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and satisfy federal planning requirements for receipt of LWCF funding. This Executive Summary was published in 2010.
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