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Key Findings from National Voter Survey on Conservation

American voters are highly committed to conservation, and three out of four believe that we can protect land and water and have a strong economy at the same time. Even more strikingly, this survey shows that three in five voters support increased public investments in conservation at the state, local, or federal levels – and are willing to pay a small increase in taxes to support them. Together, the data provide ample evidence that American voters have a strong and undiminished desire to conserve the nation’s land, water, and wildlife.

Key specific findings of the survey:

  • American voters continue to offer strong support for public investments in conservation – and that support has held steady despite the economic downturn.
  • American voters are also willing to commit their own money in support of conservation; solid majorities would be willing to pay as much as $100 more in annual taxes to support conservation.
  • Support for investments in conservation stems from voters’ strong personal connections to the environment.
  • Even though the economy is a dominant national concern, voters see a number of conservation issues as pressing problems.
  • The overwhelming majority of American voters believe that we can continue to protect our environment while strengthening our economy.
  • Voters also see an important role for investment in global conservation efforts.