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Survey Shows Voters Near Unanimous in Support for Conservation

New Hampshire voters across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support conservation efforts in the state, believe the state should fund such efforts, and want fee revenues intended for the protection of open land and historic sites used only for those purposes.

The major findings of this survey include:

  • New Hampshire voters almost unanimously support investing in land conservation efforts.
  • More than three quarters of New Hampshire voters (81%) think the State of New Hampshire should spend public funds for land conservation.
  • Most New Hampshire voters (86%) say preserving land for water quality protection is a very important part of land conservation, 81% say preserving forest land and working forests is very important, followed by preserving wildlife habitat (79%), preserving farmland (73%), preserving historic and cultural sites (62%), preserving land for recreation (62%), and improving and expanding state parks (49%).
  • Nearly all New Hampshire voters (97 %) agree (76 % strongly agree and 2% somewhat agree) that we must invest in land conservation to protect New Hampshire’s quality of life for future generations, 95% agree that protecting land, water, and wildlife in New Hampshire is critical to our tourist industry and helps create jobs, 94% agree that we need to make sure our farms are protected from development to provide sources of locally - grown food, 90% agree that some of our forests and farm lands are being lost to development, and we should take steps to preserve them, 45% agree that protecting land as open space takes land off the tax rolls and prevents residential and commercial development, which could raise property taxes, 23% agree that the legislature has to make hard choices in these tough times, and we just can’t afford land conservation right now, and 11% agree that New Hampshire as more than enough forests, farms, and open space, and we do not need to do any more to protect them.
    • Support for investing in land conservation is bipartisan among New Hampshire voters.