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National Survey: American Voters View Conservation as Patriotic

This survey shows at least one issue is widely supported by Americans across the political spectrum: the conservation of our nation’s land and water. And, the bipartisan team of pollsters note, from “Tea Party Republicans to liberal Democrats, more than four-in-five American voters say that conserving our country's natural resources—our land, air and water—is patriotic.”

Survey Highlights:

  • American voters view conservation as “patriotic” and believe government plays a prudent and essential role in it.
  • There is consistent and strong support for public lands, and very few think we have too many of them. In fact, many say it is one of the best things that government does.
  • Voters say they prefer the outdoors, and most think of themselves as engaging regularly in outdoor activities. A solid majority consider themselves to be conservationists, as well.
  • There is overwhelming support for dedicating existing funds or creating “user fees” dedicated to conservation. A majority are willing to pay increased taxes for federal or state & local conservation efforts, with even more willing to commit when they hear a specific amount.
  • Voters continue to reject an economy v. environment dynamic.