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Rock Climbers: Your Unkown Stewards and Partners

Stewardship has been ingrained in the ethos of rock climbing since the first climbers headed into the mountains. The climbing community continues this tradition through working on trail projects, promoting volunteerism, inspiring conservation and connecting with the communities they climb in. However, this work and the needs of this user group can go unnoticed outside of the climbing community. Rock climbers are the stewards and partners you never knew you had! This session will highlight projects across Pennsylvania as well as the nation for building and maintaining sustainable trails. Hear about the three Access Fund Conservation Teams zig-zagging the country taking on trail projects as well as their stops in PA. Learn what makes trail work at climbing sites unique as well as considerations for shared user groups. Create steps on how to engage with your local climbing community and LCOs (Local Climbing Organizations). Become a partner to the climbing community!