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Creating Landscape Connectivity in the Eastern Wildway

Wildlands Network recognizes Pennsylvania’s strategic importance to the Eastern Wildway, hosting numerous core habitats and key linkages between the southern Appalachians and the northern forests of the Adirondacks, New England, and southeast Canada. This session will explain Wildlands Network’s work throughout the Eastern Wildway, and explore opportunities for collaboration with Pennsylvania conservation organizations, especially land trusts. Pennsylvania’s role in continental-scale conservation will be discussed including the particular significance of the Pennsylvania Wilds and key linkages between several Pennsylvania conservation landscapes and adjacent states. We will also explore the critical importance of land trusts in protecting core habitat and maintaining or restoring landscape connectivity in face of the twin crises of a biodiversity loss and climate change. Participants will gain an enhanced understanding of the critical issue of landscape connectivity, as well as efforts underway at various geographic scales and levels of government to protect a connected landscape in eastern North America.