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Active Erie Transportation Plan

Erie County and the City of Erie partnered on the development of the City’s first ever active transportation plan, aimed at creating a better environment for people walking and bicycling in Erie. The City used field views and GIS analysis to map the presence of sidewalks on every block. To evaluate the environment for bicycling, the team developed a comprehensive Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) analysis for every street in the City taking into account the effect of street dimensions, speed, parking, and bicycle facilities. This is likely the first citywide application of the LTS approach in Pennsylvania, and it is designed to ensure that all future transportation projects in Erie are designed for people of all ages and abilities. Through a comprehensive public engagement program featuring conventional meetings, an online survey, site visits, a stakeholder committee, and a City-wide mobile workshop on bikes, Erie residents had the opportunity to learn about the project and provide meaningful input. The plan recommends an aspirational yet realistic network of primary bike routes throughout the City, a comprehensive sidewalk installation and repair program, integration of public art, and several policy and program improvements to set Erie up for long-term success.