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Act 149 of 1988 (amends Agricultural Area Security Law)

This act established Pennsylvania's agricultural conservation easement program. It amended the act of June 30, 1981 (P. L. 128, No. 43), known as the "Agricultural Area Security Law," to further provide for agricultural areas, public hearings, evaluation criteria, decisions and reviews of proposed areas, appeals, limitation on local agencies, policy of Commonwealth agencies, limitations on exercise of eminent domain and purchases of development easements in agricultural areas; authorizing the issuance of bonds for the purchase of agricultural conservation easements; making an appropriation; and making editorial changes. (As legislation, the act was known as House Bill No. 442.)


This library item presents the law as it stood in 1988 for historical research purposes. Act 43, the Agricultural Area Security Law, has been amended a number of times since 1988.